Healthy Youth Oregon


Play Oregon conducted the Healthy Youth Oregon initiative from 2010-2013.

Past Healthy Youth Oregon Programs:

David Douglas School District
Play Oregon selected the David Douglas School District as the winner of its latest $10,000 Healthy Youth Oregon grant. The grant will provide after-school sports for students at Alice Ott Middle School, Floyd Light Middle School and Ron Russell Middle School in the spring of 2012.

Middle school students of all abilities will now be able to access their school gym two days per week to participate in supervised basketball and badminton for two hours per day. The grant will allow each site to have an experienced staff member coordinate and supervise up to 120 students per session, per site, for an estimated total of 330 students district-wide. Site coordinators will develop incentive programs and organize a year-end competition between the schools.

“Aside from the popularity of basketball among our students, we believe offering badminton will help attract students who traditionally would not participate in an after-school sports program,” said Dan McCue, communications director at the school district.

This year the David Douglas School District was forced to reduce its budget, resulting in the elimination of stipends paid to teachers and staff for leading extra-curricular and after-school activities. All middle school sports were eliminated with the exception of track. The District is no longer able waive fees for families who are unable to afford participation fees.

“We applaud the David Douglas School District for coming up with an innovative program to help keep its middle school students active,” said Play Oregon President Rorie Leone. “This new after-school program dovetails nicely with our goals, and we look forward to seeing this program grow in the years ahead.”

Grout Elementary School
Play Oregon awarded a $10,000 grant to Grout Elementary in Southeast Portland. The grant allows Grout Elementary students to experience the benefits of Playworks, a nationwide non-profit organization that provides full-time “coaches” to low-income, urban schools, where they transform recess and play into a positive experience that helps kids and teachers get the most out of every learning opportunity throughout the school day.

Marysville School
Play Oregon granted a $5,000 Healthy Youth Oregon grant in 2011 to Marysville School to provide running and movement classes to their students.

The during the spring of 2011 the project involved a total of 74 individual elementary school students (19 who were in grades one through three and 55 in grades four and up) in the grant funded activities.

The younger students were offered a gymnastics class and all 19 attended it twice a week. All agreed it gave them exercise, 95% said it was fun, 88% reported feeling healthier as a result, 78% said it made them want to be more active when not in school, and 72% said it helped them forget about their troubles (our age-appropriate question about stress reduction).

The older students were offered more activities. Open gym (40%) was the most highly attended followed by co-ed soccer (31%), girl’s soccer (27%) and Girls on the run (16%). All of these activities commanded at least weekly participation, with the Girls on the Run activity having a regular group of participants twice weekly

Franklin High School
The first Healthy Youth Oregon grant was awarded in 2010 to Franklin High School to fund a new intramural sports program. The grant was awarded following a survey that showed more than 300 Franklin students have a strong interest in participating in intramural sports programs.

The intramural program is free to students and the $10,000 received is helping to purchase sports equipment, as well as provide instructors, incentives and prizes.

During the 2010-2011 school year, the program involved a total of 4,038 individual visits where the high school students participated in the grant funded activities. The majority (55%) of the students who took part had not participated in team sports activities at the school during the year. From this data we can compute a cost of $2.48 per visit to participate in this program. Of all the activities weight training was the most highly attended (53%), badminton (50%), fitness and agility (28%), table tennis (20%) and yoga/aerobics (18%). Many of the activities were used multiple times by the same people, the majority using it at least weekly.